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Year 5's adventure to Parliament and the Globe

On Wednesday 9th November, a group of 27 talented young people and their intrepid teachers set off in search of London. We were eager to find out all we didn't know about our History topic and William Shakespeare. 


After a long 3-hour journey, and meeting the Queen along the way, we finally reached our destination.


As soon as we arrived in Parliament the first thing we did was meet out tour guides, Phil and Patrick. They gave us name tags to show we were visitors in Parliament. We had to go through airport controls and Mr Guilder's whistle got confiscated! When we got in Parliament I felt really small. We went in where all the MPs would sit when they are having a debate. My favourite part was they Patrick told us that we are almost as important as the Queen because we are allowed in the House of Commons and she is not!


After a long and tiring we we finally met our guide Al. He showed us the Globe and told us how it was a replica built around 20 years ago. We went backstage and then went on the stage, it was amazing. Al told us the reason it has no roof was because they had no lights . We then went to the studios to do our workshop.


When we arrived, Al picked a few of us to play Oberon, Titania, the Changling Child and the Lovers from a Midsummer Night's Dream. We did a lot of acting and played a game similar to follow the leader, I didn't want it to end!


The journey home seemed to take forever, but I enjoyed the day very much and I'm greatful for going on such an adventure.


"Pupils at Chambersbury Primary School receive a good quality of education. They know staff want them to do well." OFSTED, November 2022