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Autumn 1: Blue Planet

Blue Planet

This term we are learning about the world's oceans and rivers.


We have been looking at different maps in geography to help us understand the world around us.

We are looking at world maps. The world is broken up into large pieces of land, which group together countries. These are called continents. Seperating the continents are oceans - large bodies of salty water.

Here is a video to help us learn about the continents and oceans...

Continents and Oceans

Which continent has the most people? How about the least? Which one is the hottest? Can you name all five oceans?


We are learning about some famous explores and how they helped us learn more about the world.

What would be good about being an explorer? What would be bad?


We are learning about how varied the British coastline is and what the features of the coastline are. We also are discussing coastal erosion and how the coastline changes as the waves hit it. We are also reading about different beaches around the UK.


We are looking at maps of British rivers and discussing the journey of a river. We are using this learning to write a diary entry as a river, describing our journey down a mountain. 


We are learning about how flood occur by the coast and on floodplains. We are also thinking about what we can do to prepare for floods, what you should do during a flood, and how to recover after a flood. ew are creating our own flood plans as a helpful guide.

Flooding Explanation- Learn about Floods

This video explains all about Flooding.


We are learning about how our oceans and rivers are polluted and how this is bad for the environment. We are looking at what small changes we could make to help look after our planet.

"Pupils at Chambersbury Primary School receive a good quality of education. They know staff want them to do well." OFSTED, November 2022