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Chambersbury Primary School “Learning, Growing, Achieving... TOGETHER”

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Year 5 Computing

Autumn 1 - We are game developers

We are learning to develop an interactive game. You will learn...

  • to think about and plan the type of game you want to develop.
  • create backgrounds and sprites, and record sound effects, dialogue (and possibly backing music) for your game.
  • start programming your game.
  • correct the problems (bugs) in your game.
  • test your game and receive feedback on it.
  • write instructions and publish your game.

Autumn 2 - We are cryptographers

We are learning about communicating information securely. In this unit you will:

  • Send and receive messages in semaphore
  • Lean about - and use - Morse Code
  • Create secret messages and crack codes.
  • Create and crack more complicated codes.
  • Find out the importance of having a secure password.
  • Learn how to stay safe on the web.

Spring 1 - We are artists

We are learning to fuse geometry and art. You will learn to...

  • Create simple tessellations using Inkscape.
  • Make more complex tessellations.
  • Use Scratch to create Islamic-style art.
  • Use Inkscape to create art in the later style of Bridget Riley.
  • Use Inkscape to create art in the early style of Bridget Riley.
  • Create landscapes in Terragen Classic

Spring 2 - We are web developers

We are learning to create a website about e-safety. In this unit you will:

  • Discuss ideas for creating your website.
  • Learn how Search works.
  • Build your web pages.
  • Add artwork, audio and video to your pages.
  • Review, and help improve, each other’s pages.
  • Collect final feedback and publish your site.

Communicator Badge

Summer 1 - We are bloggers

We are learning to share experiences and opinions. In this unit you will:

  • Find out what makes a good blog.
  • Write a blog post.
  • Comment on one another’s blog posts.
  • Add images to a blog post.
  • Insert audio or video to a blog post.
  • Write blog posts about an event as it happens!

Summer 2 - We are poets

We are learning to create an animated poem using decomposition. You will learn...

  • to decompose a problem by designing and writing (incuding debugging)
  • to present a program and decompose an animation