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Year 5 Computing

Online Safety 


It is important that children stay safe online and tell an adult about anything that makes them feel worried or uncomfortable. Click on the link below to Think U Know, a site dedicated to educating children, parents and teachers about on to keep children safe online. 

Autumn 1 - We are game developers

We are learning to develop an interactive game. You will learn...

  • to think about and plan the type of game you want to develop.
  • create backgrounds and sprites, and record sound effects, dialogue (and possibly backing music) for your game.
  • start programming your game.
  • correct the problems (bugs) in your game.
  • test your game and receive feedback on it.
  • write instructions and publish your game.

Autumn 2 - We are cryptographers

We are learning about communicating information securely. In this unit you will:


  • Send and receive messages in semaphore
  • Lean about - and use - Morse Code
  • Create secret messages and crack codes.
  • Create and crack more complicated codes.
  • Find out the importance of having a secure password.
  • Learn how to stay safe on the web.

Spring 1 - We are artists

We are learning to fuse geometry and art. You will learn to...


  • Create simple tessellations using Inkscape.
  • Make more complex tessellations.
  • Use Scratch to create Islamic-style art.
  • Use Inkscape to create art in the later style of Bridget Riley.
  • Use Inkscape to create art in the early style of Bridget Riley.
  • Create landscapes in Terragen Classic

Spring 2 - We are web developers

We are learning to create a website about e-safety. In this unit you will:


  • Discuss ideas for creating your website.
  • Learn how Search works.
  • Build your web pages.
  • Add artwork, audio and video to your pages.
  • Review, and help improve, each other’s pages.
  • Collect final feedback and publish your site.

Communicator Badge

Summer 1 - We are bloggers

We are learning to share experiences and opinions. In this unit you will:

  • Find out what makes a good blog.
  • Write a blog post.
  • Comment on one another’s blog posts.
  • Add images to a blog post.
  • Insert audio or video to a blog post.
  • Write blog posts about an event as it happens!

Summer 2 - We are poets

We are learning to create an animated poem using decomposition. You will learn...


  • to decompose a problem by designing and writing (incuding debugging)
  • to present a program and decompose an animation
"Pupils at Chambersbury Primary School receive a good quality of education. They know staff want them to do well." OFSTED, November 2022