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Phonics Information for Parents

Essential Letters and Sounds (ELS) is our chosen phonics programme. It teaches children to read by identify the phonemes (smallest unit of sound) and graphemes (written version of the sound) within words and using these to read words. Children experience the joy of books and language whilst rapidly acquiring the skills they need to become fluent independent readers and writers.


What is phonics?


A method of teaching beginners to read and pronounce words by learning to associate letters or letter groups with the sounds they represent. There are 44 main sounds in the English Language. Each sound is represented by a grapheme (the written representation of a sound).


Useful Terms for Parents



Phoneme: the smallest single identifiable sound in a word. For example, in the word 'cat' there are three phonemes c/a/t.


Grapheme: the written representation of a sound.


Digraph: two letters making one sound. For example, /sh/ in the word 'shop'.


Trigraph: three letters making one sound. For example, /igh/ in the word 'night'.


Split digraph: two vowel letters split but are split by one or more consonants. For example, /a-e/ in the word 'cake'


How can I help my child?


It is really important to use pure sounds when we are pronouncing the sounds and supporting children in reading words. If we mispronounce these sounds we will make reading harder for our children.

The videos below are where you can hear the correct pronunciation of the sounds.

"Pupils at Chambersbury Primary School receive a good quality of education. They know staff want them to do well." OFSTED, November 2022