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  • Elf Owls 1498
  • Long Legged Owls 1509
  • Masked Owls 1613
  • Indian Owls 1615


Art Week

In Year 2 we are looking the Victorian Artist, Augustin Edouart and the modern artist Cecily Brown. Edouart moved to England from France and became famous for creating portrait silhouettes. We have been working to create our own pieces in his style - but with a modern twist, using the influences the more creative and colourful work of Brown to inspire our backgrounds.


We started by looking at some examples of both artist's work and discussing what we thought. We had to use the conjunction 'because' to explain why we liked or didn't like each picture. We then spent some time practising our cutting skills, to help us get ready to create our own portraits. We then designed our own silhouettes using inspiration from Edouart, before drawing our final design on sugar paper and cutting it out.    


We learnt how to use primary colours (red, blue and yellow) to make the secondary colours (green, purple and orange). By adding white and black paint, we were also able to make tints (paler) and tones (darker) versions of the colours. We used these colours to create a modern background in the style of Cecily Brown. Once it had dried we stuck our silhouettes on!

Kinetic Sculptures

In Year 2 we have been comparing the work of 3 different artists and the different types of kinetic (moving) sculptures they make. They are:



We have given opinions, tested some techniques similar to those used by the artists, designed our own sculptures (taking inspiration from our geography topic on oceans) and created our very own hanging jellyfish!

WW1 Poppies

As part of our work around Remembrance Day we created some poppy art using different mediums. We used sketching pencils, colouring pencils, felt tip pens and paint to create different effects. 

William Morris Inspired Art

We have been learning about the Victorian artist William Morris. He was a Victorian artist inspired by nature and used repeating patterns and symmetry in his work. We created some repeating patterns in his style and our own printed pieces of art. 

Victorian Collage

As part of our history topic about the Victorians we have been learning how to make collages, and then use this to create a collage of Queen Victoria.

First we looked at some collages and thought about what we liked and disliked about them. Then we experimented with different types of paper. Finally we used an outline to complete our own collages!


We are learning how we can use pencils to create different effects in our artwork.

We are taking inspiration from the world around us by practising a range of techniques and drawing a range of things. 

  • We are learning about nature rubbings and sketching plants around us.
  • We are taking inspiration from our topic on the natural world wonders to draw some of them, showing carefully the different textures to make the drawings come alive.
  • We are looking at animals and how we can recreate some of the textures and patterns we seen in their different skins.

Healthy Living Pizzas (Science)

As part of our science topic we designed made and evaluated healthy pizzas. Find out more and see some pictures on our science page here.

Making Paper

As part of out topic on British Waterways we visited Frogmore Paper Mill in Apsley. As part of this visit we got to see how paper is made (both by hand and machine) and got the opportunity to make our very own handmade paper. 

We thought carefully about the process and on the tour of the Paper Mill discussed some of the different inclusions you can add to paper to make it special. 

Window Painting

While learning about British Rivers and the Nile in topic, we thought about some of the animals that live in these different environments. We thought back to our Artwork in Spring on sketching and used these techniques to practise drawing some of the different animals you might find living in rivers.


We then had the opportunity to paint our animals on the class windows - helping to bring the classroom to life and celebrate our wonderful art.

Please remember to keep checking your emails for events coming up in the summer term!