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Chambersbury Primary School “Learning, Growing, Achieving... TOGETHER”

House Points

  • Elf Owls 2252
  • Long Legged Owls 2240
  • Masked Owls 2273
  • Indian Owls 2239

Wellbeing activities

Some of our favourite links!

We have been keeping a look out for some of the latest and most entertaining (but still educational!) links. Which is your favourite link? 

Wildlife and the World through a Webcam

If you are stuck at home isolating, check out this collection of webcams from around the world. While sitting at home, you could be watching an elephant have a drink in Kenya! Why not imagine you're on a trip to one of these places and send us a postcard? I wonder where you'll choose...

Get Creative! Art, drama and music ... 

Keeping active ...

Baking, gardening and more ...

We're back on the 7th June and term ends on Tuesday 20th July!