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Healthy Me

Autumn 1 - Healthy Me

This half term we are learning about how to keep our bodies healthy.

Being healthy involves:


Getting enough sleep

Exercising regularly

Looking after our teeth

Eating healthily and having a balanced diet

How we are feeling - what makes us happy?

Having good personal hygiene


Here are some useful links to information and activities...


Remember: these are web sites we don't control, so be sensible.

If you ever see something that worries you, turn off your screen and tell a trusted adult.

Our Learning

Healthy Eating

This half term we started by learning about staying healthy by eating properly. This means having 3 balanced meals a day and not having too many sugary or fatty snacks. We sorted snacks into healthier snacks and less healthy snakcs using a venn diagrams. We put some foods in the middle as it depends what toppings they have.


We also investigated what our favourite fruit snacks were and created a pictogram...



Staying Safe While Exercising

We know that doing regular exercise helps us to stay healthy, but it is also important to keep safe. We had a look at some safety equipment that we can wear when doing different types of exercise. We thought about activities such as: running, water-based sports like canoeing, football, rock climbing, roller skating, horse riding and many other. Then we decided what equipment we might need and the job it does....


Personal Hygiene

We also learnt about germs and how they can make us poorly. We talked about sneezing and how we can prevent it from spreading. We investigated how far a sneeze might travel.


     This showed us why we should cover our noes and mouth if we sneeze or cough.


We then thought about what happens after you sneeze. What should you do?

It is important to wash your hands to stop the spread. We used a sticky glitter as pretends germs and investigated the best way to wash them.


We could choose to investigate the temperature of the water (warm or cold) or the technique used (rubbing our hands or dunking them). 


     We discovered that the warmer the water the quicker you wash your hands, and the more that you rub them the cleaner they get!