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Sports Premium

Journey to School

A large number of our pupils make their way to school in a car or other motorised transport (55.6%) which is a number that we will be looking to drop.  This number is slightly lower than our last survey which indicated 58.12% used motorised transport to get to school.  We aim to get our pupils to walk to school more often this is the beginning of them being more physically active during the school day.  



Enjoyment of P.E

89.5% of our pupils enjoy PE.  This leaves over 10% who do not.  A number of the respondents feel that PE is too hard and this is a point that will be taken forwards to planning for the next terms PE lessons.  A closer look at the planned activities to ensure there is good differentiation for all take place so that our children feel challenged but not that the task is impossible.  A small number of our pupils also say they do not have fun in PE.  Through the use of Pupil voice the Subject Leader will get ideas from the children of what activities they will enjoy and how these could be used within the PE structure of the school.


Additional Sports

A large number of our pupils wish to take part in football during PE time.  This is not currently a planned activity on the PE curriculum though is available as an after-school club for Years 5 and 6.  There have also been enquiries made to an external company to see if we could set up a club for the younger year groups.  This is something that will be followed up with the company concerned as no response has yet been received.  A large number of pupils want to take part in football within their PE lessons.  We shall consider planning this into the curriculum for next year.   Dodgeball is also a lesson our pupils wish to take part in regularly.  Whilst this is a style of game the children will cover it does not lend itself to long term unit work as the game in itself has limited objectives as part of a games unit.  This could however be used more often as a “reward” lesson.


Additional P.E Lessons

81.8% of our pupils would like to have more PE lessons during the week.  This is a very positive number for the subject and indicates our pupils are interested in becoming more physically active.  Further research is required into why the other 19.2% would not like more PE lessons to see if this is the same pupils who also did not enjoy PE.


Children Attending After School Sporting Activities

Currently we have 41% of our school pupils from Reception to Year 6 involved in an active/sports After School club.  This includes a number of FSM, SEN and EAL pupils spread throughout the year groups.  22% of our club attendees are Pupil Premium children.  This number is 58% of our total Pupil Premium children, showing they have a high level of access to after school sports clubs. The Subject Leader will also be considering how to raise interest in the Sports Clubs available at the school after consultation with the children.

74.2% of our pupils overall have taken part in a sports after-school club since September.  We aim to raise this number by trying to offer a wider range of activities to all pupils and age groups. 


External Sports Clubs

66.7% of our pupils take part in clubs outside of the school day with a high number (46.2%) playing football outside of school.  To try and increase this number, more local links will be created to try and get our pupils interested in sports connections outside of the school day.  A signpost style display or area of the school website will aid this as both parents and pupils will then have the opportunity to look at their local clubs and what they offer.  This is backed up with 40.5% of our pupils being members of sports clubs.  With better signposting and information available our pupils and parents will have clearer opportunities to join local teams and events.


Fit or Not

88.5% of our pupils feel they are physically fit.  Our target is to get 100% of our pupils feeling this way.  This will be focussed on within their curriculum PE lessons through health and fitness focus throughout the school year and careful monitoring of those who feel they are not able.  These pupils will then be given different work/exercises to ensure they are able to succeed and enjoy their PE along with the feeling they are getting fitter.  


Family Workouts

58% of our pupils say that they exercise with their parents.  We are hoping to increase this number with a focus on parent education and encouraging parents to join in with their children during active play.  



Welcome back everyone! Keep safe and stay alert!