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  • Elf Owls 2985
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  • Masked Owls 2812
  • Indian Owls 3068

Year 6 Computing

In Year 6, we’re following’s Computer Science Fundamentals course.



Computer Science Fundamentals is fun, collaborative, and creative! It’s designed to inspire you to continue learning how technology improves real world relationships, connections, and life.


You will  learn:

  • more about how the Internet works
  • computer programming that builds on your learning from the rest of Key Stage 2
  • logic, problem solving and creativity


The course features puzzles, videos by Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg and Chris Bosh of the Miami Heat, as well as familiar characters from popular games Angry Birds and Plants vs. Zombies. Using a blended learning model, you are learning with a mix of online, self-guided activities and “unplugged” activities that use no computer at all.

Computer Science Fundamentals