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Summer 1: History of the Local Waterways

Our Local Area


We have been learning about about the UK and it's waterways.


Canal: a manmade waterway

River: a natural waterway


We learnt about how canals and rivers were used in the past and how this has changed, including...


* transporting goods - canals were built to move goods around the country. Rivers couldn't always be used as they didn't always go to the right places, and often were wide or deep enough.


* making paper - we learnt about paper mills and how our local area was key to the paper industry. We learnt about the local paper mill and wrote explanations about how paper was made by hand, before the machines were used!


* living on canals - we looked at what life was like on canals. Because so many people were working the canals, who families would live on boats and move around the country. We looked at bot the positives and negatives on life on the canals, and studied some of the artwork created on the boats.

Recipes from around the UK

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