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Year 6 Bletchley Park Visit

WWII—Home of the Codebreakers!

On Monday 8th November, Year 6 visited Bletchley Park because we are learning about World War II. Whilst, we were there, we learnt that the people who worked there during the war played a major role in winning the war—by breaking the Germans’ Enigma code. A guide took us around for the first part and talked us through what happened at Bletchley Park during the war.

I enjoyed going into the huts and looking in the different rooms. The part that shocked me the most was learning that our ally (Poland) gave Britain their work in progress (research), saving us one year of coding!  The class could not believe that the people who worked there had to keep their work a secret for thirty years after the war had ended!


Another fantastic trip to enhance our curriculum and bring learning to life for the children. Bletchley Park is well worth a visit!


By Darcy (Year 6)

Please remember the Bank Holiday on Monday 2nd May (so the school is closed) and this half term ends on Thursday 26th May at 3:15pm.