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Year 3's Roman Adventure

On Wednesday 21st March, Year Three went on a trip to Verulamium Museum in St Albans to learn more about the Romans and local history. 


Our day involved a lot of very interesting, practical activities designed to immerse the children into the Roman way of life. For our first activity, we dressed up in traditional Roman and Celtic outfits and had a closer look at a Roman market setting. We learnt that the Romans tended to buy fresh food every few days because they didn’t have fridges or freezers to help keep their food for longer! 


Next, we went on a tour of the museum and looked at different Roman artefacts, which had been found in the local area.


Luckily for us, the sun was shining so we were able to finish our trip with a walk across Verulamium Park to take a closer look at the hypocaust. We were amazed to see the remains of the walls still standing! We couldn’t believe this was somewhere that actual Roman people used to live. 

Here are a few things that Year Three have to say about the trip…

“I enjoyed looking at the mosaics because they were really detailed.” – Libby

“I liked the skeletons because they looked real.” – Ben (They were!!)

“I loved the kitchen things because they all looked similar to what I have at home.” – Alice

“I enjoyed looking at the remains of the Roman house because it’s really ancient and it told me what it was like in Roman times.” – Hooria

"Pupils at Chambersbury Primary School receive a good quality of education. They know staff want them to do well." OFSTED, November 2022