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  • Elf Owls 1598
  • Long Legged Owls 1582
  • Masked Owls 1591
  • Indian Owls 1579

Year 2 Frogmore Paper Mill Trip

On Tuesday 18th October 2016, Year 2 went to Frogmore Paper Mill. We have been learning about the local area and next term we will be looking at the history of the paper industry in Hemel Hempstead. We saw the first paper making machine and also learnt to make our own handmade paper. We found out that you can make paper from any type of plant, we even learnt you can make paper from elephant poo! (Don't worry it didn't smell!)

William from Year 2 said "That was a fantastic trip, I learnt about the Fourdrinier Machine and how it was the first machine to ever make paper."
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