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Chambersbury Primary School “Learning, Growing, Achieving... TOGETHER”

House Points

  • Elf Owls 2252
  • Long Legged Owls 2240
  • Masked Owls 2273
  • Indian Owls 2239

Our New School Tree

Hi everyone at home!
Here in school we planted a tree! We planted it on the first day the school was closed. 
How big do you think it is? I wonder how much it will have grown by the time you get back.
Can you see any leaves on it?
It’s an apple tree, so in September we might get some apples. Soon, there will be blossom. 
The children in school have given it a name. Can you guess what it is? 

We’ve also painted some rocks to put around the bottom of the tree. 
They will protect the roots and look amazing.
Can you paint some rocks at home? We’d love to have lots of rocks around the tree. You can bring them in to school when you come back.

We're back on the 7th June and term ends on Tuesday 20th July!