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Chambersbury Primary School “Learning, Growing, Achieving... TOGETHER”

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Hour of Code

Recently year 2 all took part in the hour of code - where the children showed off their coding skills. For more information or to do some coding at home click here...


Here our some pictures of us doing the hour of code...

Autumn 1 - We are Astronauts

You will...

  • Plan instructions and try them out.

  • Work out how to get from the Earth to the Moon – and then on to Mars!

  • Work with Scratch.

  • Use Scratch to program your spaceship.

  • Write a program in Scratch. Debug it.

  • Move your sprite from the Earth to the Moon – and then on to Mars! 


Autumn 2 - We are Games Testers

You will...

content creator badge


Spring 1 - We are Photographers

You will...

  • Look at photos and talk about what makes a good photo.

  • Learn about a camera.

  • Take photos on your chosen theme.

  • Use software to organise your photos.

  • Edit your photos.

  • Pick your best photos for the portfolio. 


Spring 2 - We are Zoologists

You will...

  • Talk about bugs and get ready for your bug hunt!
  • Hunt for bugs and record what you find.
  • Edit and organise your bug photos.
  • Use your bug data to create a chart.
  • Add bug information using maps.
  • Present your results and discuss them. 


Communicator BadgeeSafety Badge


Summer 1 - We are Detectives

You will...

  • Read and reply to an email.

  • Work with email attachments.

  • Write and send an email.

  • Organise the fact file records.

  • Set out your evidence in a class email.

  • Review what you have learned about email safety. 

Summer 2 - We are Researchers

You will...

  • Write questions in a mind map.

  • Add information to your mind map.

  • Use Google to search for information.

  • Use other search engines and Simple Wikipedia to search for information.

  • Create a presentation.

  • Give your presentation to the class.