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Chambersbury Primary School “Learning, Growing, Achieving... TOGETHER”

House Points

  • Elf Owls 36
  • Long Legged Owls 31
  • Masked Owls 28
  • Indian Owls 29


Autumn 1 - We are Astronauts

You will...

  • Plan instructions and try them out.

  • Work out how to get from the Earth to the Moon – and then on to Mars!

  • Work with Scratch.

  • Use Scratch to program your spaceship.

  • Write a program in Scratch. Debug it.

  • Move your sprite from the Earth to the Moon – and then on to Mars! 


Autumn 2 - We are Games Testers

You will...

content creator badge


Spring 1 - We are Photographers

You will...

  • Look at photos and talk about what makes a good photo.

  • Learn about a camera.

  • Take photos on your chosen theme.

  • Use software to organise your photos.

  • Edit your photos.

  • Pick your best photos for the portfolio. 


Spring 2 - We are Zoologists

You will...

  • Talk about bugs and get ready for your bug hunt!
  • Hunt for bugs and record what you find.
  • Edit and organise your bug photos.
  • Use your bug data to create a chart.
  • Add bug information using maps.
  • Present your results and discuss them. 


Communicator BadgeeSafety Badge


Summer 1 - We are Detectives

You will...

  • Read and reply to an email.

  • Work with email attachments.

  • Write and send an email.

  • Organise the fact file records.

  • Set out your evidence in a class email.

  • Review what you have learned about email safety. 

Summer 2 - We are Researchers

You will...

  • Write questions in a mind map.

  • Add information to your mind map.

  • Use Google to search for information.

  • Use other search engines and Simple Wikipedia to search for information.

  • Create a presentation.

  • Give your presentation to the class. 

#runtogether is back! Please make sure that children have outdoor trainers in school at all times.