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Living Things and their Habitats

Living Things and their Habitats

In Spring 1 we looked at living things and their habitats.

We started y learning about the signs of life. You can use the acronym MRS GREN to help your remember them...


We used this to help us classify objects as LIVING (do these things), DEAD (used to do these things) or NEVER ALIVE (could never do these things).

Living, Dead or Never Alive

Living, Dead or Never Alive 1
Living, Dead or Never Alive 2
Living, Dead or Never Alive 3

We then thought about where living things actually live. This is called their habitat. We sorted animals and plants into different habitats. We thought about the following habitats...

* Woodland

* Pond

* Coastal

* Urban (City)


We then thought about micro-habitats. This is a habitat within a habitat. We looked at the planters within the school grounds...

Hunting for Minibeasts

Hunting for Minibeasts 1
Hunting for Minibeasts 2
Hunting for Minibeasts 3
Hunting for Minibeasts 4

We thought about what we would expect to find, what we actually found, and how the survey could be improved next time. 

Mini-beast survey

Mini-beast survey 1
Mini-beast survey 2

We also had own own class based BIRD WATCH, and went round finding different bird species and tallying them. Using this data we created some graphs....

Looking for birds

Looking for birds 1
Looking for birds 2
Looking for birds 3

Our data

Our data 1
Our data 2
Our data 3

Finally, we thought about food chains and how animals get their food.

All food chains start with a producer (a plant), which is eaten by a consumer (an animal), which is often eaten by further consumers. Usually the first consumer is a herbivore (only eat plants) and the second consumer is a carnivore (only eats meats), but omnivores (eat anything - OmNomNomNivore) can be at any level too!

Here are some games to play involving food chains!


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