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Year 4 Speed Stacking

Year 4 Speed Stacking


Year 4 went to Cavendish on Wednesday to compete at the annual Speed Stacking competition run by DSSN.  We took the whole class to compete so had 4 girls teams and 3 boys teams.


We started by having to make a small pyramid of three cups.  In the whole sequence we had to make 3 X 3 cup pyramids.  After some practicing we had to do it whilst being timed to see who would win!


After the 3-3-3 stack we had to try and make a 6 cup pyramid in the middle, so it went 3-6-3.  This was much harder as we had to hold more than one cup in our hand at a time.  Again after some practice we had to be timed to see how we did.  These were all done just in our girls and boys teams.


Once we had done those two stack sequences we were put into teams with one of our boys teams joining with one of our girls teams.  We then had to do the same stacks again but with our whole team to see what time we could get.


In the team 3-6-3 we managed to come 3rd out of all the schools!  Unfortunately this wasn't good enough for us to advance any further, but we had a great morning challenging other schools.

Welcome back everyone.** We are so pleased to see you all.**