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Year 2 Tri Golf Festival

Year 2 Tri Golf Festival


Year 2 recently competed at a Tri Golf Festival held at Longdean School.  This was a DSSN event and was organised by Clare, our school games organiser.  Chambersbury were a late entrant to the event so we were very lucky that we could walk next door to compete!


When the children arrived they were told some of the rules of Tri Golf (especially the safety points about staying away from people with the club in their hands!)  After this they were split into the different activities they were going to compete at.  There were a variety of skills that they had to display, with some challenges being based around accuracy and some on how hard the children hit the ball.


Chambersbury were fortunate to have practiced a lot of the activities the afternoon before so they had a good idea of what they had to do to score points!


Two of the children's favourite activities were an activity that had a big Velcro target on the floor that they had to try and stick a ball to, the other being that they had to putt the ball between the legs of their classmates before joining the line.


Chambersbury came 12th overall in the competition with Year 2 showing some good skills and competing hard.  They now know what they have to do to win the challenge next time!

Our giant Velcro target!

Welcome back everyone.** We are so pleased to see you all.**