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On Friday 29th November, to complement the success of last week's Space Week, Geobus came to Chambersbury to teach Years 3-6 more about space. 


First, Esme, the presenter, asked the children what they already knew about space - which was quite a lot! Afterwards, she talked briefly to the children about our solar system. She then handed out real-life meteorites for the children to handle. Some of the samples were between 26-29 million years old! (In other words, not quite as old as Mr Taylor!) 


Next, Esme explained to the children how craters are formed, and that the Earth will have had craters many years ago, but, due to our shifting tectonic plates, most of these are no longer visible. The children got to drop 'meteorites' onto 'the Moon's surface' to leave a crater.


Lastly, children got to take a look at some amazing 3-D photographs of Mars's surface! They then discussed what they could see and what this means about the mysterious Red Planet.

Making Craters!

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Making More Craters...

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Making Even More Craters...

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