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Victorian Day

Tuesday 4th December 2018 - Victorian Day


The children had great fun on Tuesday taking part in their Victorian Day, all about Florence Nightingale. We started the day by meeting Florence Nightingale at her house as she prepared to leave for the war. We had to help make severla things she might need including:

pill boxes (to organise the medicines), clay candle holders, diaries, lockets, nurse sashes and victory badges. Some of us also practised our sewing skills (useful for soldiers to repair their uniforms, and nurses to repair blankets and wounds!). As well as this we used quill pens to apply for nursing jobs, and Florence write personal references for us!


Preparing to Leave...

After break we 'travelled' to Paris train Station to meet Florence on her journey. Unfortunately some of the luggage had been lost and muddled up. We had to use our historical detective skills to work our which suitcase belonged to who. 

we then checked off the inventory and learnt a bit more about our passenger.

Sorting the Luggage

In the afternoon we finally arrived in Scutari. What a sight we were met with!

Florence described how the hospital was dirty, smelly and full of rats. It took the nurses a long time to sort out the hospital but soon the soldiers started to get better.

We spent some time learning how to do different jobs around the hospital - from being nurses or patients, to helping in the laundry room, working the gardens, cleaning the floors and working in the kitchens. It was a lot of fun and we learnt lots of new language!

**Please remember to buy your tickets for the children's Nativity performance. Tickets are on sale now.**