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Tuesday was all about Healthy Eating with Years 1, 2, 3 and 4.  Last year Mr Yoxall did a session based on food packaging with all the classes.  This year the focus was changed to look at the actual food itself and what we needed to eat during they day, what was good for us and how we actually used the food we took on.


Year 1 and 2


With Year 1 and 2 the focus was on what food we eat and what food was good and bad for us.  We talked about the food that we felt was good for us and found out some interesting things.  Most of our children felt that the only healthy foods that were available consisted of fruit and vegetables.  We had a good discussion about how all foods that were not fruit and vegetables were not always bad for us provided we didn't eat them all the time.  We also talked about how food was cooked can make a difference in how healthy or unhealthy it is.


After our talk we then moved on to looking into how to create a healthy meal and buying the food to do it with.  This consisted of Mr Yoxall bringing in various (sealed) food items into the class room and the children being given a budget to pay for the food they selected.  They then were given the budget money (£4) and were told to select their menu for a meal.  There were a lot of options available to them including chicken, fish, potato's, mixed vegetables and fruit.  The children were given free choice of their meal provided they felt it was a healthy option for them to eat.  We had a lot of different meal choices that came from our discussion, with some sounding really tasty!  The children then had to hand over their "money" and were given their food items.  This brought in another aspect of Healthy Living as the children had to work to a budget.


Year 3 and 4


With Year 3 and 4 the focus was changed ever so slightly with a greater focus being given to the "Eat Well Guide".  This is a recommended guide issued by the Department of Health about what we should eat during our day and how much of it.  All the pupils worked with a copy of this picture to look at the guide and used blank copies to then stick pictures of various foods onto it.  This led to some great discussion about different food types and what they do for our body.  


Again a lot of the discussion focused on healthy foods and what the pupils considered to be healthy or unhealthy.  As with Year 1 and 2 most of the "healthy food" choices were just fruit or vegetables. Mr Yoxall again went over that it was not just the food choices that we make that can influence how healthy or unhealthy a food is, but also how often we have it and how it is prepared.


As the final part of their lesson the children were again given a budget and this time it was to create 3 meals from their budget for a full days meals.  They were tasked with making the three meals with a budget of £6.  They had the same choices as the Year 1 and 2 class in the morning but were required to do more with it!  Again we had some great meal options coming out with some interesting (!) choices as well (carrots, onions and rice being one chosen meal option for a group...)




Overall the children all took part and enjoyed having to think about their foods in different ways.  They also had to change how they thought about Healthy foods and what actually consisted of a healthy diet.



(Pictures to follow)

Welcome back everyone.** We are so pleased to see you all.**