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The Stone Age (Autumn)

Our first History topic of the year is the Stone Age, and we'll be exploring all sorts of things: from stone circles and mammoth hunts, all the way to cave paintings and Stone Age food!


The Stone Age is part of our prehistory - that is the history which exists from before writing was around. We'll be learning about where the Stone Age fits into the chronology of British History, looking at the three main eras - Paleolithic, Mesolithic and Neolithic. We're looking at over 2,500,000 years of history in the coming weeks through our topic, English, music, art, French and in some of our applied Maths lessons.

Stone Age Food

On Wednesday 9th October, we learnt about the different foods that Stone Age people used to eat. We learnt that there weren't any Stone Age Tesco's or Stone Age KFCs back in those times so instead people had to hunt or gather their foods. We learnt that they used to hunt animals like fish, deer and mammoths in groups, while they used to have to gather other foods like berries, nuts and seeds. 


We travelled back in time and tried some samples of foods that Stone Age people would have eaten, including:

  • watercress;
  • blackberries;
  • raspberries;
  • honey;
  • sunflower seeds; and
  • cranberries.


While we liked some of the foods (like the honey!) we weren't as keen on others and decided that Stone Age people could keep it!


We also looked at how the Stone Age people would gather food by taking a walk around the school site. We looked at what they might have collected and used to eat. However, it was made very clear we should not eat the things we found!

Our Stone Age Trip will be to The Chiltern Open Air Musuem in November. Look back later on to learn all about our visit.

Stone Age Links

You might want to check out some of these links to help you find out more about the Stone Age - there's loads of information! Remember: these are web sites we don't control, so be sensible. If you ever see something that worries you make sure to tell an adult.