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Sports Day!


Sports Day!


Thursday gave us Sports Day, which signalled it should have rained all day!  Fortunately for us it didn’t, and we got in all our activities during the morning session.  All the pupils performed well and the House Captains did an outstanding job of ensuring everyone was kept on task all day.


After our picnic lunch (at which we had many families turning up to eat with their child or children which was fantastic to see,) we moved onto the afternoons races with so many of our pupils taking part in some very close finishes!  Mr Taylor was in fine voice as usual and started our races for us, along with ensuring some of our pupils were getting in the correct lane.  Fortunately for us he wasn't singing at this point!


Amelia and Kitty in Year 4 wrote:


"On Thursday we had sports day. In the morning we did lots of fun activities and nursery did their race. In the afternoon we did all our races including sack race skipping race, space hopper race and for the younger ones egg and spoon race. We know that everyone loved it including us.


We also had a mums and dads race. We think personally that there should have a teacher’s race. All of the older children had to go further than the other.  Eventually it came to the end of the day we were all tired but as Mr Taylor.. said it was very close and we all tried our best."

Welcome back everyone.** We are so pleased to see you all.**