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House Points

  • Elf Owls 8
  • Long Legged Owls 39
  • Masked Owls 28
  • Indian Owls 22

Recounts 2018-2019

Recounts - WW1 Rabbits

We have been learning all about recounts this half term. 

A recount is a detailed non-fiction piece of writing about something that has happened. They include the following features...

* interesting openers to show when, where or how the events happened

* conjunctions to link ideas (including: and, but, or, if, when, that, because)

* detailed and carefully chosen adjectives and adverbs

* personal feelings and emotions

* first person


We used the video from our WW1 poetry unit and imagined we were the rabbit in the story. We practised ordering the events and retelling the story before writing our own version of the events. 


Recounts - Victorian Day


We also used our recount learning to write about our fun Victorian Day. We thought all about the things we did and the information we learnt. To find out more about the day and see some pictures click here!


To read about what we got up to in our own words see below...


Victorian Day Recounts

Welcome back everyone, it has been great seeing you all.