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Paper Mill Trip

Frogmore Paper Mill Trip - Monday 11th March 2019


On Monday, Year visited Frogmore Paper Mill as part of their local area topic, and to learn more about paper and how it is made.

Whilst there, they took part in a range of activities, from going on a mill tour, learning how to weave paper, and actually making their very own piece of paper!


Here's what we got up too...


Mill Tour

During the mill tour we got a chance to learn a little about the history of paper mills (there used to be 6 in our local area!) and have a look at some of the machines used to make paper. Some of these machines were being used, and some of them were much older, showing how paper used to be made on a much larger scale.

It was really interesting getting a chance to see the process before having a go at a scaled down version ourselves. 


We also got to see some of the old fire engines that were used in the past to help look after the mills.


FUN FACT: Postman Pat was invented at the paper mill to encourage more people to use and buy paper!

Making Paper...

One of the highlights of the morning was when the children actually had the chance to make their own paper. This was done using a scaled down method of what the paper makers actually do!


We wrote some explanation texts about how paper is made - click here to read them!


FUN FACT: you can add different things to the paper mix to add detail. For example: seeds, petals, chopped up photos, etc... We added shredded money!



The children also got as chance to look at some weaving and have a go at their own small pieces in the style they had looked at. It was quite tricky at times to keep the pattern - over, under, over, under. I think you will agree though that they look fab!


FUN FACT: It is easier if you alternate colours!



Weaving 1
Weaving 2
Weaving 3
Weaving 4
Due to the changing weather, please ensure your child wears a coat and sensible shoes to school.