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Our Week

Every Monday we will be uploading some of the activities that children at school have been completing. We hope that you can complete these activities too!

A Duck Delivery! 


This week we have had a very special delivery to Reception class - some ducklings! They were delivered on Tuesday 2nd June as duck eggs and were kept safe and warm in their incubator. Once they hatched, we moved them to their lovely hutch with lots of straw and food to keep them comfortable. Although the children can't touch the ducklings, it has been really fun to watch them hatch. They are so cute! More duck news to come ... 

Pirate Week - Monday 30th March 2020


This week at school the theme has been PIRATES! We have completed lots of fun activities linked to lots of areas of the curriculum. Below you can find links to some of the tasks we have used with the children at school. The writing pack contains an overview of activities that could be adapted for any age, along with a couple of scaffolds used. The maths pack contains a range of pirate puzzles that have been sequenced based on year group, starting from EYFS through to Year 6. The last pack contains some other pirate activities and games, including word searches and colouring. 

We also took part in a pirate scavenger hunt around the school. Each clue would lead to the next location. Below you can find the numbered clues, and an aerial map of the school - see if you can work out the route we took based on the clues (the answers can be found in a separate document). Happy scavenging!

Safari Week - Monday 6th April 2020


So this week, here at school, we have been on SAFARI!

We began the week learning a little about the continents and what animals you find in each one. We went on a safari around the school and found a range of different animals. We then created a bar graph to show how many animals we had found. Maybe you could go on a safari around your house and see what animals you find? Use your amazing imaginations! In the maths pack you will find a bar graph scaffold to help you record your data.


Later in the week, we picked a safari animal and thought about it's habitat - how has it adapted to live where it does? We used this to help us write some 'What am I?' riddles and haikus (remember: a haiku has 5 syllables in the first line, 7 in the next and 5 in the last line). Could you write your own riddle or haiku about an animal of your choice? We also did some fun art, using a zoomed in picture of an animal to make our own creations - you will find some examples in the Other Ideas pack.


There are lots of other fun safari activities we did this week - have a look and JOIN IN! Make sure to send any pictures of great work to our email - we really love seeing what you are getting up to! 


Animal Bookmark - How To Guide
Animal Bookmark - Ones we made in school!

Easter! Monday 6th April 2020

This week we have been celebrating Easter! We started off by having a go at some tricky Easter Egg-themed symmetry activities before moving on to making Easter-themed board games, for which we wrote instructions. We also made some beautiful, colourful Easter wreaths. If you'd like to have a go at making these yourselves, instructions can be found below. 


We also took part in a fun Garden Number Hunt and completed some Easter Maths Mysteries - which you can find below if you'd like to try them at home. We also did some lovely daffodil sketches, inspired by the daffodils in the Reception playground, and of course, the Gardening Club patch! 


We finished off the week with a fun game of 'Kaboom!' - you pick a lollipop stick with a calculation on and if you answer the question correctly, you keep the stick. But! If you pick a stick that says 'Kaboom!', everyone has to put their sticks back in the pot... 


Of course, it wouldn't be Easter without our typical Easter Egg Hunt - but with a twist. We followed clues that had been set out around the school to help us find a delicious Easter Egg stash! Don't worry - we shared them evenly between us... :-) 


The Great Outdoors - Monday 13th April 2020


This week we have been taking advantage of the beautiful weather and spending a lot of our time outdoors!


We have been learning about shape by going on exciting shape hunts in the school field and playground, using the shape hunt worksheets to help keep us on track. We also completed some Outdoor Maths Challenges, which can be found in the resources list below if you’d like to have a go at home. For English, we designed our own animals and created a story to suit this animal.


We’ve had some lovely, creative afternoons this week – we made our own nests by foraging for materials in the same way that birds would. Our final creations can be found below.


We also made some cress heads using watercress and empty egg shells – thank you to Miss Alford for providing the eggs (hope you liked the egg sandwiches – think of the protein!) If you’d like to have a go yourselves at home, instructions can be found with the resources below.


Lastly, we made some creative animal masks using card and lollipop sticks. We made a unicorn (of course), giraffe, panda, zebra and much more!

Books glorious books! - Monday 20th April 2020


Hello everyone! This week at school our theme was everything BOOKS!

We talked about our favourite stories, authors and illustrators and what we liked so much about them. 

At the beginning of the week, we wrote a short book review of some of our favourite books; maybe you could write one and send it to us using the template below? 

We also created some puppets of our favourite characters using card and a lolly pop stick - then we could re-create scenes from the stories! 

Later in the week, we listened to the story of James and the giant peach; we then went on a bug hunt around the school and created our own fun gang of insects! When you are outside, whether in the garden or on a walk, can you spot any insects? What would you name them if you were writing your own story? 

Other than that, we have been completing the home learning from the website, just like lots of you that are at home. 

Don't forget, you can email us at to show us what you have been getting up to. 

Have a lovely weekend (soak up some sun!),

All of us here at school :) 

Superheroes - Monday 27th April 2020


This week our theme involved celebrating how ‘super’ (groan) we all are… superheroes!


Like the rest of you, we started our days this week with maths and English activities set by our class teachers. If you’re not sure, these resources can be found at the top of each class page, with a plan available to help you split activities between the days.

You’ll also have seen us taking part in the class Zoom calls – we really enjoyed these, especially the scavenger hunt that Miss Allen and Miss Schofield made for us – thank you very much! It was great to see everybody and we can’t wait to see you all again next Monday.


We let our creative sides out at the beginning of the week by designing our very own superhero masks. Then, later in the week, designing our very own superhero sidekick, transport or gadget… we think that Pikachu would be an excellent superhero sidekick – what do you reckon?


We also made our own superhero bookmarks – well, since last week was book-themed, it would be rude not to, right?


Naturally, we also snuck in some superhero-themed exercise to help keep us fit and healthy. We really enjoyed doing the ‘Move Like an Avenger’ workout and if you’d like to have a go at home, you can find this workout on our ‘Wellbeing Activities’ page under ‘Keeping Active…’


As always, you can find some resources below if you’d like to have a go at what we’ve been doing in school. What have you been up to this week? Email to let us know – we love hearing from you!

Nature week and VE Day - 4th May 2020


This week at school we continued to follow our English and Maths activities in the mornings. Remember these can be found at the top of your year group pages! Remember to send in pictures of any work you've been doing to - we'd love to see it! 


In the afternoons we spent some time exploring nature. On Monday we had a scavenger hunt with riddles based on different bugs. The answers to these gave us a scrambled up clue for the nest location. Can you solve the riddles and location clues?

This also inspired us to do some buggy drawings. We used tutorials from the Art for Kids website to help teach us how to draw realistic animals. Try your own here -


On Tuesday we spent some time colouring mandalas. These are circular patterns that often take inspiration from nature. They also hold specific significance for Hindus and Buddhists. After we coloured some we went outside to create our own using things found in nature including; stones, bark, flowers and leaves. 

Wednesday was time for the BIG BUG HUNT. We went around school looking for different insects and recorded what we found. If we weren't sure we were able to use a questionnaire that helped us figure it out based on what features we could see. eg. number of legs. Back in the classroom we created bug jars - by using finger painting to create different insects.


To finish off the week we spent some time learning about VE Day and what it was all about. We listened to some music and created some bunting. In the afternoon we played some games including boules and the card game spoons. We finished the afternoon off with our own VE party on the field, complete with our bunting, a poster we had made together and some delicious snacks!


We hope you enjoyed your VE celebrations on Friday! Until we see you again...


Space Week – Monday 11th May 2020

As usual, during the mornings this week we have been following the English and maths activities set by our class teachers. If you’re not sure where to look for these, they can be found at the top of your Class Page.

In the afternoon this week we have been thinking about space – Ms Cooper and Miss Savage’s favourite! We started by revising the order of the planets, with the help of this fun video. We then started to make versions of the planets out of papier-mâché.

On Monday we started to prepare the things we’d need later in the week by ripping newspaper into strips (not too long or wide) and blowing up the balloons. We had to do this quite carefully as the planets are very different sizes and we needed to show this. Next, on Tuesday we started to coat the balloons with our papier-mâché: we dipped the strips of newspaper into a mixture of PVA glue and water and then wrapped those strips around the balloons. We did this several times to make sure we had a good, strong planet shape. We started to paint our planets on Wednesday. You might find, if you try this at home, that you want to do several layers of paint to make sure that the print of the newspaper doesn’t show through! Lastly, on Thursday, we covered our planets with a PVA glue and water gloss. This makes the planets shiny and hard in order to protect them. You can see our completed project below!


We also enjoyed some space-themed workouts on Born to Move and listened to space-themed playlists on Spotify while we were working!


We ended every day with a story read to us by a real-life astronaut in space! We listened to Ada Lace, Take Me to Your Leader, read in space by NASA astronaut Anne McClain. You can listen to stories from space on this website.


If you have a go at making your own papier-mâché solar system at home, let us know by emailing your pictures to – as always, we’d love to hear from you!


One World Week – Monday 18th May 2020


As you will have been doing at home, this week in the mornings we have been following the One World Week-themed activities set for you by your class teacher. We have all been learning about a different country and have been lucky enough to explore these countries in a variety of ways, including learning about their foods, dances and art work.

With Mrs Gardner we learnt about Italy, we read a famous Italian book, called Strega Nona, and created our own delicious pizza design! Football is a very big part of Italian culture, so we played football in the afternoon, too.

Miss Alford taught us about Australia, and showed us some traditional Australian artefacts, including an actual digeridoo! She shared with us some aboriginal art and taught us how to make the delicious Australian staple, fairy bread! Fairy bread is super easy to make – you simply spread margarine on a piece of white bread, and top with sprinkles. Yum!

On Thursday Miss Allen and Miss Schofield shared some facts with us about Brazil and we tried our hand at samba dancing! It’s much harder than it looks!

Lastly, on Friday we learnt a little about Nepal. Miss Savage showed us some Nepali artefacts that we got to take a closer look at (not the kukuri, though!). We also read a Nepali story and listened to some traditional Nepali music.

What have you been learning about at home during One World Week? Let us know by emailing; we love hearing about what you’ve been doing!

The school will close all children, except Key worker children, on Thursday 16th July. School re-opens on Thursday 3rd September. have a great summer and please STAY SAFE!!