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One World Week 18th May


One World Week


Normally in school we would be celebrating our ‘One World Week’. During this time, each class studies one country. The purpose of the week is to encourage children to find out about different cultures and learn more about the world we live in! It is about celebrating the difference and similarities we all share. Usually, the week in school is filled with food tasting, art, dancing and music as well as learning facts about the place.


The planning this week will be focused on your child’s country therefore will be a little different from the previous weeks. However, there are other geography skills which we try to cover as well.


The table below shows our learning map for the week.



Main Aims and Teaching Points for chosen country

World Facts

Reception and Nursery

  • Location and Geography for example capital city etc.)
  • Flag
  • Customs and Culture
  • Cuisine


Name UK countries and capital cities


Develop this into countries around the world

Year 1

Year 2

As above plus

  • Currency
  • Traditional stories or tales (RE link)
  • Toys or traditional games

Locate famous landmarks around the world

Year 3

Locating countries on a map

Year 4

As above plus

Population density


Locating countries and continents on a map

Year 5

As above plus


Exploring social equalities – rich and poor and how this has been affected by the World Cup


Locating countries, continents, rivers and mountains on a map

Year 6

Exploring racial equality, history, events

The school will close all children, except Key worker children, on Thursday 16th July. School re-opens on Thursday 3rd September. have a great summer and please STAY SAFE!!