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Year 5 and 6 Phasels Wood Trip

When I got to Phasels  woods I was nervous because I did not know what to expect because I had never been there. When I got there it  was very exciting. The trees  were  very effulgent.  The first activity our group did was the rock climbing.  We  went inside to see there was a rock climbing wall that traverse`s and one that move`s down  when  you  go  up.  It was  very fun and the moving one could have 2 people on at once. 

Next was the crate stacking. This  was  very fun and I got quite high.The other group got much higher than us. This was my 2nd favorite out of all the things we had to do there.  It was  very  tricky to do because you had to make sure they were all on properly.

After the calamitous crate stacking we did the adventurous assault course.  It was easy at parts and hard at parts.  Some parts got you extremely muddy.  It was colossally fun.  After that we had lunch.  The lunch was exquisite.   After that  we  went on the cresta run.  You had to get in a small cart and go down a small hill.  You went down  very fast and at the end  was tyres so you did not get hurt.  This was my 1st favorite.  I won a few of them.  It was like a roller coaster.  After all that we returned to camp and went out on the field to play rounders.  I got once all the way round.

I really want to go again.  It was the best
By Ashley



Wow what a day. So I woke up, nervous as I didn’t know what to expect from Phasels Wood campsite. I got ready to go to Dec’s house as he was taking me to the campsite. When I got to Dec’s house we played FIFA 14 until it was time to go and collect Daniel.

When we got to Phasels Wood I saw all of my friends talking to each other. Then we went to the year sixes small section of the campsite. They slept in two large tents for the children and another one for the teachers. In the middle there were three large Birch trees, laid on their side as seats, and a campfire. Next we played football until the rest of the class got there. After that my group went to our first activity the climbing wall. It was a conveyer belt with grips, you had to climb and try not to fall of. I liked that activity a lot.

After that our next activity was crate stacking. What you had to was put milk crates one on top of the other with a person walking up them like stairs and get as high as you can. Azan and Dec from our group got up seventeen crates high.

Our next activity, after a drink, was an assault course. Firstly we went in a line so we knew what to do in our timed run through. I enjoyed it, my time was two minutes and thirty two seconds.

Next was lunch. Everybody sat on the laid down trees to eat. After lunch we played a game like hide and seek. Mr Maher, Mrs Gavin and Miss Dailey needed to stand still and try and find us after thirty seconds Mr Maher would count down from ten and we had to move closer. After two times of doing that Mr Maher would count down from ten one more time. In that ten seconds we would have to run and high five Mr Maher to show we were not to far away.

It was a shame my favourite class trip had to end so soon! I hope I can go again. Thank you so much Mr Maher, Mrs Chapman and Mr Taylor, Mrs Gavin, Mr Swift and Miss Dailey for letting us go on this fantastic trip!!!!

Harrison Stephens Year Five.


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