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  • Elf Owls 384
  • Long Legged Owls 378
  • Masked Owls 405
  • Indian Owls 441

Year 3/4 Tennis and Hockey Event

On Wednesday 20th May, a group of 10 Year 3 and 4s were lucky enough to represent all of the schools in Dacorum at an event held at the Olympic Park in London.  We spent the day at the Lee Valley Hockey and Tennis Centre, which was build specially for the Olympics and Paralympics in 2012. 

When we arrived we sat and had a snack while we waited for everyone else to arrive.  Schools were coming from all over England so some had quite a long journey. 

In the morning we were in a group playing tennis.  It was amazing! We spent some time practicing catching and throwing skills with David, one of the Olympic tennis coaches.  He taught us how to use our skills to play tennis.  At the end, we had some doubles matches.  We won of course!

Then we had lunch, out side in the stands. After we finished our lunch, we had a bit of a mixup and went to the wrong pitch for hockey! Fortunately one of the coaches told us, and sent us to the correct one.

Once we got there we picked up some sticks and began a warm up. This involved some running from one area on the pitch to another. Following this was some work on our skills with a stick and ball. This was working on us changing direction with the ball and not losing control.

The last thing we did was play a game of hockey. This wasn't quite a full game because we had no goalkeeper! We were playing against another school who were wearing yellow.  We won the game 2-1! "An epic win! I'm so proud of my players" said manager, Charlie Hatchett.


Chantelle, Kamaliyah and Tristan

School finishes for half term on Thursday 22nd October at 3:05pm or 3:15pm *** Have a great half term break! ***