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Mystery Story

Mystery Stories: The Mysterious Object


We have been learning about writing stories. The key parts of a story are a main character, a setting (place) and a key object or event. 'The Mysterious Object' is a story about a child that visits their Gran and discovers a strange, new object.


The story is written in first person (I, me, my) and uses lots of description and questions to build up tension and excitement. It is also written in the past tense (it has alsready happened). It is important we use the correct tense. BBC Bitesize explains how to do this here...


We have been practising using different types of punctuation.

BBC Bitesize has some great videos about questions marks, exclamation marks and how to use commas in a list.


We have also been using lots of adjectives to describe. In this type of story it is important not to give away what the object is too soon!


We have also been learning about conjunctions. These are joining words that help us link ideas and extend our sentences.


We're back on the 7th June and term ends on Tuesday 20th July!