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On Monday the school had planned to take part in a timed mile event.  Unfortunately due to the weather this event could not be run due to the waterlogged ground.  This meant that we had to come up with something different.  All the children ended up taking part in a Yoga/Pilates session in the hall.


This session was designed to get the children thinking about their flexibility and how this could help them within their sporting and day to day lives.  The children were taken through a number of stretches and different core exercises to challenge them in different ways.


Mr Yoxall led the session and then had a lot of questions for the pupils around what they were doing, why and how difficult the exercises were.  He also asked the children if they felt they were working hard despite not running around and playing a sporting game.  All the children decided that they were still working hard in the session despite them not being asked to run around a lot.  This was then linked to point out that you do not need a lot of space or equipment to take part in a difficult workout that gets us hot and sweaty!


(Unfortunately we didn't manage to get any pictures of this however the children did enjoy it!)



Welcome back everyone.** We are so pleased to see you all.**