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History - The Victorians (Autumn)

The Victorians

This term we are learning all about the Victorians.



Here are some useful websites with lots of information about the Victorians...


Remember: these are web sites we don't control, so be sensible.

If you ever see something that worries you, turn off your screen and tell a trusted adult.

September 2019

The children have been researching Queen Victoria to create interesting fact files about who she was.

We used these websites to find out information...





December 2018 


We have now started to learn about more of the changes the Victorians were responsible for. One of the biggest was the improvements to modern medicine. 


One of the people that helped with this was Florence Nightingale. We spent some time learning a little bit about her before having our Victorian day (click here to read all about it and see photos!)



November 2018


Continuing with our Victorian topic we learnt about Victorian toys. We looked at different pictures and tried to decide if they were Victorian or modern. We thought about the materials used and how they looked. 




We also learnt a little bit about the industrial revolution and how it made Britain the power house it is today!



October 2018


We have been learning about the differences between our lives and the Victorians. We compared how they lived...




What their school were like...





and we even set up our classroom like a Victorian classroom for one lesson to see what it would have been like!