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Healthy Living Week


Today, we kicked off Healthy Living Week by finishing writing our Top Secret, Very Persuasive Letters for Mr Taylor. We can't wait to see what he thinks of them!


Then, in the afternoon we did lots of different science games to do with the food we eat. We started by sorting foods into 'unhealthy' and 'healthy' groups, then moved to a spectrum - which food is healthiest and which is least healthiest? We decided overall that water was the most healthy, because you need it to live, but some fruits, like mango and orange, got some votes. We then tried to design our own healthy, balanced meal, including all the nutrients we need every day.


We finished off by completing a healthy living board game, where we made up our own healthy living rewards and unhealthy living penalties! 



Unfortunately, we couldn't have our football tournament today, due to slippery and wet conditions. But don't worry! It's been rescheduled for later in the term. Instead, we edited and improved our Top Secret, Very Persuasive Letters to Mr Taylor, ready to write them in best on Thursday. 


In the afternoon, we did Jump Jam before moving on to a carousel of healthy mind activities. Today, we tried relaxation strategies with Miss Savage, taking the line for a walk with Miss Allen, and making dream catchers with Miss Elias. 


If you'd like to try some relaxation techniques at home with your child, some useful relaxation scripts can be found here


We've been very busy today! This morning we did a carousel of different sport activities we haven't tried before! We tried boccia, speed stacking, parachute games, ball skills, hockey and tennis!


Then, in the afternoon we started with Jump Jam (of course) and finished off the healthy mind activities we hadn't had a chance to do yesterday - including mindful colouring and positive affirmation.