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House Points

  • Elf Owls 875
  • Long Legged Owls 898
  • Masked Owls 919
  • Indian Owls 933

Harvest Poetry



We have been learning about descriptive free verse poetry. These poems use lots of descriptive techniques to describe including...


* ADJECTIVES: describing words (Eg. bright, colourful, beautiful)


* ADVERBS: words that describe how, often ending in -ly (Eg. slowly, calmly, beautifully)


* ALLITERATION: a phrase where both words start with the same letter or sound (Eg. perfect pumpkin, super squash)


* ONOMATOPOEIA: sounds (Eg. squish, crunch, whoosh)


* SIMILES: describing one thing 'like' or 'as' something else (Eg. standing straight like soldiers, a river as bendy as a snake)


We are writing poems describing the different fruits and vegetables that are harvested at this time of year.



School CLOSED TO ALL PUPILS except vulnerable and critical worker children. Take care and be safe!