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British Animal Fact Files 2019-2020

Fun Animal Fact Files

We have been learning all about non-fiction texts and how to write facts files. Lots of the examples we looked at had sub-headings in the form of questions so we started by thinking about different question words, and the punctuation we need to use when we write questions...


We then researched some British animals - either a fox, badger, red squirrel, mole or bat. We used this website that has lots of information about lots of animals and made notes about what we had found out for each of our questions...

We used these notes to practise lots of skills used in non-fiction writing including:


commas in a list of adjectives or nouns

eg. A fox has a red, bushy tail.

A badger eats worms, ants, beetles and some plants. 


conjunctions to extend sentences and add detail

eg. A mole has sharp claws so it can dig through the dirty mud.

Bats hunt at night because they can be sneaky.

Other conjunctions include: and, but, or, that, when, which


openers to keep it interesting

eg. As well as this, red squirrels are very small.

Also, these animals live in Britain.

Furthermore, they are a key part of our environment. 


We then used this learning to write about a creature of our choice, and perform it as a nature documentary in the style of Sir David Attenborough...