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House Points

  • Elf Owls 384
  • Long Legged Owls 378
  • Masked Owls 405
  • Indian Owls 441


Art Week 2020


In Year 2 we are looking the Victorian Artist, Augustin Edouart.

He moved to England from France and became famous for creating portrait silhouettes. We have been working to create our own pieces in his style - but with a modern twist, using the influences of Cecily Brown.


We started by looking at some of Edouart's pictures and discussing what we thought. We had to use the conjunction 'because' to explain why we liked or didn't like each picture. We then spent some time practising our cutting skills, to help us get ready to create our own portraits. We then designed our own silhouettes using inspiration from Edouart, before drawing our final design on sugar paper and cutting it out.    


We learnt how to use primary colours (red, blue and yellow) to make the secondary colours (green, purple and orange). By adding white and black paint, we were also able to make tints (paler) and tones (darker) versions of the colours. We used these colours to create a modern background in the style of Cecily Brown. Once it had dried we stuck our silhouettes on!

Practising Skills

School finishes for half term on Thursday 22nd October at 3:05pm or 3:15pm *** Have a great half term break! ***