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Anti-Bullying Week

This week, 12-16 November, is Anti-Bullying Week, with a particular theme of 'Respect'. At Chambersbury, we know that bullying is wrong and can be a really upsetting experience, even years afterwards. To help us understand how important it is to treat each other kindly, we have been doing a lot of different activities.


For example, in ICT we discussed what the phrase 'respect' actually means. We talked about how respect is more than simply liking somebody, and is more about thinking somebody is important and valuable. Based on that, we created some 'Rules for Respect' and then some wonderful, colourful posters explaining them. 


If you want to find out more about Anti-Bullying Week in general, click here

Rules for Respect

On Wednesday, we were thinking about how important it is to celebrate our differences and we created some colourful scrolls, where every child in the class wrote something they liked about each other. Parents, you should expect these to come home with your child within the next few days. 


Then, we used travel toiletries as a metaphor for our words. The children were asked to empty their own containers out completely, and while they were a little confused, they certainly didn't mind having permission to make a mess! Once they'd done that, the children were asked to try and put the contents back into the bottle. Of course, they couldn't do this properly. We then talked about how this is the same as with our words - when we say something unkind we can take it back a little but but not completely. We then agreed how important it is to be careful with the words we choose to use with each other.


Lastly, we created an acrostic poem using the word 'Respect'. You can read our class version below!

Picture 1
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