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  • Elf Owls 54
  • Long Legged Owls 62
  • Masked Owls 56
  • Indian Owls 69

Animal Madness: Poems and Stories 2018-2019

Animal Poems...


We have been looking at lots of different animals recently as part of topic. To build on this we wrote some descriptive poems about different animals. First we had to generate lots of descriptive language, such as adjectives, adverbs, alliterative phrases and similes. We then turned this into free-verse poetry. Read some of them below...


Just So Stories...


Using the animal descriptions we also write 'Just So' Stories. These are based on those written by Rudyard Kipling, like 'How the Elephant got his Trunk'.


We had to think carefully about what would happen to the animal to change it's appearance, and how it would feel afterwards. Our stories were so good we turned them into a book for our reading corner!

**Please do not park vehicles on the grass verges or in front of the gates on Chambersbury Lane.** Keep our children SAFE!!**