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Were the Dark Ages really dark?

Were the Dark Ages really that dark??


Our new topic is all about the Dark Ages.  We will be studying history from the fall of the Roman Empire, right up to the Norman Conquest in 1066.

Year 4 Visit to Mountfitchet Castle

On Monday we went to Mountfitchet Castle. It took about an hour to get there on the coach in the pouring rain. Luckily, when we got there it stopped raining. As soon as we arrived, we saw deer, some chickens and a peacock walking around the castKierle like they would have done in 1066. There were lots of buildings made of wood where the peasants lived, which was called the motte. Some naughty people had to go to prison. If they stole a deer, they would get their hand chopped off!!

Then we went to look at the Baron's house which was in the bailey. It had a huge table with lots of delicious, juicy food include a boar. In the next room were lots of weapons which they would have used in the dark ages. It was as heavy as about 400 bricks!! The priests were only allowed to use the balls with the spikes on, not swords because of their religion.

It was a really good day and we learnt a lot about the dark ages, which will help us with our topic.


The Saga Of Bjorn

This is "The Saga Of Bjorn", a story about a Viking warrior which we used in Big Writing. It was also part of our homework on 7th November.

Group 1 Radio Report.wma

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After watching The Saga of Bjorn, we completed a number of tasks. One of these was to create a Radio News Report for the giant's attack in groups. These can be accessed below:

Group 2 Radio Recording.wma

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Group 3 Radio Recording.wma

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Group 4 Radio Report.wma

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Ofsted 2017 - Chambersbury is a "GOOD" school. "Pupils are very proud of their school"...."the learning environment both inside and outside is bright and thought-provoking"...Pupils say the school is 'like a family'. Read the full report in the Ofsted section of this site.