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House Points

  • Elf Owls 1851
  • Long Legged Owls 2017
  • Masked Owls 1848
  • Indian Owls 1915

Wednesday afternoon

Wednesday Afternoon


Wednesday afternoon was due to be the Key Stage 2 football tournament for inter-house competition.  This is always a firm favourite with children and is looked forward to every year.  Unfortunately this year the weather was (again!) against us.  After heavy rain in the morning we decided to change the way the tournament would work and made it a skills based competition instead.


We set up 4 different stations with each house group being given 10 minutes to score as many points as possible on each station.  This led to a lot of competition between the House groups and gave a great feeling to the afternoon.  All the pupils wanted to win it for their house and tried their absolute hardest at each station.


After all the scores were added up we found our placings for the competition.


In first place were the Masked Owls with 313 points.  Second place went to the Indian Owls with 283 points. Third place went to the Long Legged Owls with 264 points and in fourth place were the Elf Owls with 231 points.


This meant that our Masked Owls were awarded 20 house points, the Indian Owls were awarded 15, the Long Legged Owls got 10 points and the Elf Owls took 5 house points with them.


This turned out to be a good afternoon with all the children taking part in competitive sport within the school setting.  All our pupils took part and enjoyed what they did.