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One World Week - Equador


One World Week



In year 4 for one world week we learnt about Equador  and here are some of the facts/information we have researched.                                                         


In 1835 Charles Darwin he went on his boat called the Beagle.                                                                                                                                        


He found the Galapagos islands. He found some different species of finches. Then he went home to tell everyone but no-one believed him.


The capital city of Ecuador is Quito. Their national flag has pictures which represent the history of the country for example yellow in the flag represents the sun, blue represents the sea, red represents the war and blood and green is for peace.

In our maths lesson we did pie charts to show all the different religions and Roman Cathelic came out as the main religion with 76%.


In certain places the government do not allow entry because the war as it part of 2 coutnries (Ecuador & Columbia). Their president is called Rafael Correa.


They speak Spanish as their main language, it is hot but sometimes chilly with lots of beaches, rivers, mountains and rainforests, 22 % of the rainforest is designed to protect the soil and water.

Year 4 really enjoyed doing this country for one world week because of all the interesting things we learnt.


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