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Geography - Where are We? (Spring)

Where are We?


We have been looking at different maps in geography to help us understand the world around us.

We started by looking at world maps. The world is broken up into large pieces of land, which group together countries. These are called continents. 

Here is a video to help us learn about the continents...


"Continents and Oceans"

Which continent has the most people? How about the least? Which one is the hottest? Can you name all five oceans?

Some of our own Maps

Some of our own Maps 1
Some of our own Maps 2
Some of our own Maps 3

We then started to think about the UK.

What are the 4 countries? What are their capital cities? Can we locate them on a map?

England - London

Scotland - Edinburgh

Wales - Cardiff

Northern Ireland - Belfast


Then we thought out some of the natural landmarks, like rivers and mountains and used an Atlas to find some of these. We created a key and marked them on our own maps. 

Natural Landmarks

Natural Landmarks 1
Natural Landmarks 2

After that, it was time to look at man-made landmarks around the UK. We learnt about a range from all across the UK and then each picked 4 to create a poster about. have you visited any of these?


Man-made Landmarks

Man-made Landmarks 1
Man-made Landmarks 2
Man-made Landmarks 3
Man-made Landmarks 4

We then looked at maps of our local area. We discussed what the symbols might mean and looked for points of local interest that we might recognise.


Can you find the school on this map? Can you find your house?

Picture 1

Map Symbols

Map Symbols 1
Map Symbols 2
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