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Geography - Brazil (Summer)



This term we are learning all about Brazil. We started by using our geography work from last term to locate Brazil on a map and identify key places such as the capital city (Brasilia) and The Amazon Rainforest.




The Capital City: Brasilia

We then spent some time looking in detail at the capital city. We learnt...

* It is quite a young city

* It was built in central Brazil as the other big cities were coastal

*  It was designed to look like an aeroplane from above. See if you can spot it below...



We also looked at the buildings in Brasilia. They are often white, and very modern or futuristic looking. Some are similar to British buildings (like the Spinnaker tower, the Shard and the Gherkin) but most look very different to what we are used to in the UK. we designed our own buildings in the style of Brasilia and thought about what it might be like to live there.



The Amazon

One of the key landmarks of Brazil is the beautiful Amazon River and surrounding rainforest. We have been researching facts about to create visitor guides. We had to use our ICT skills to search for interesting facts and then group the information under headings to make an interesting leaflet.

Here are some links to get started on your own research...


25 Facts About the AMAZON RAINFOREST

Grab an umbrella and some bug spray because we're about to forage for 25 abundant facts about THE AMAZON RAINFOREST!

School starts on Tuesday 26th April at the normal time..