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Chambersbury Primary School “Learning, Growing, Achieving... TOGETHER”

House Points

  • Elf Owls 844
  • Long Legged Owls 1270
  • Masked Owls 922
  • Indian Owls 823

Day 3 - Wednesday

Today, we went for an exciting (but long) walk to Chedder.  It had killer hills and was very hot (about 30 degrees).  When we reached the top of the gorge, it was very pretty and we could see far away.  We could see Glastonbury.   Going up the hill was tough but going down was easier.  Cheddar is cool and pretty.  We got massive ice creams.  


When we we got back, we had a water fight which was fun.  The water was cold and refreshing.  In the evening we played games outside including dodge ball, team games and capture the flag.


Today had a good day but was very tiring.  


By Shalom, Layla and Samn

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