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Chambersbury Primary School “Learning, Growing, Achieving... TOGETHER”

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Day 2 - Tuesday

The children finally settled at midnight last night with Miss Alford sitting in a chair and falling asleep laugh 


Today the class are going to be completed different activities - caving, gorge walking and archery.  


Mrs Chapman's group went caving and then gorge walking.

Today we woke up, had breakfast and we went in a minibus to find our cave. We went through small gaps in the rocks which were made from limestone.  It was fun and involved lots of teamwork to get through the caves.  

This afternoon, we went gorge walking and ended up with lots of water and stones in our wellies.  We again had to work as a team.  We completed an ice cream challenge where we had to put water in our helmets.  We had a good (but mucky) time.  

By Kitty and Kamaliyah


Mrs Alford's group went gorge walking and then did archery.  

First, we went gorge walking.  It was a good experience as you had to do lots of challenges.  We had to walk up the streams and climb have to complete a mini obstacle course going over and under branches in the water.  This afternoon, our group did archery.  We had team challengings and had to shot drawings to elimate each other.  It was very funny.

By Archie and Andre


Mr Walker's group did archery and then went caving.

Archery was really good.  We had to focus to shot and played games.  My group went caving this afternoon.  We had to go through some tight spaces.  It was fun because you got to slide under the rocks.  

By Dax


This evening, we played games in the woods.  We had lots of laughs as we played hide and seek and a game to collect the paper clues.  Mr Walker disappeared and we lost him for a while!  When we returned to base, we built a fire and roasted marshmallows.  

All the children are having fun and have lots of stories to share already.  

Hopefully we will have more sleep tonight!

By Mrs C


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